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KN95 Respirator Mask, CE Certified Face Mask

(4 customer reviews)

KN95 mask can effectively filter out droplets, dust, bacteria, virus, and other non-oily PM2.5 air particles to at least 95%. It is a great respirator option for professionals working at nail salons or offices.

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100% Authentic KN95 respirator mask:
  • CE Certified, genuine, and engineered to ensure performance surpasses industry standards.
  • Protection: Filters out at least 95% of airborne particles.
  • Top Quality: Made of high-grade safety standard materials including 5 layers of protection.
  • Comfort: Elastic soft ear hooks & thin multi-layer design provides maximum comfort.

A KN95 respirator mask is a protective device specifically designed to achieve a very close facial fit and provide maximum filtration of airborne particles. The respirator is able to block at least 95 percent of extremely small particles (0.3 microns). When properly fitted, the filtration capabilities of KN95 respirators may exceed other face masks.

KN95 respirators can be used for: nail salon, construction, mining, textile, manufacturing, food safety, pharmaceutical, electric, and other industries that require protection from harmful particles.



Individuals with chronic respiratory, cardiac, and other medical conditions that make it difficult to breathe should check with their health care provider before using an KN95 respirator as the KN95 respirator may make it harder for the wearer to breathe. KN95 respirators are not intended for children or people with facial hair. A proper fit cannot be achieved and the KN95 respirator will not provide full protection.

Masks are intended for one time use only. If breathing becomes difficult after long term use, remove the respirator, properly discard the mask, and replace it with a new one. To safely discard your KN95 respirator mask, place it in a plastic bag and place it in the trash. Thoroughly wash your hands after handling a used mask and before putting on a new one.

Masks should also be discarded after each patient encounter and after aerosol-generating procedures. It should also be discarded if it becomes damaged or deformed, no longer forms an effective seal to the face, becomes wet or visibly dirty, breathing becomes difficult, or if it becomes contaminated with blood, respiratory or nasal secretions, or other bodily fluids from others.

Please note: KN95 masks are NOT NIOSH approved N95 masks.

WARNING: This respirator helps protect against certain contaminants along with proper hygiene procedures. It may not eliminate the risk of contracting disease or infection.


4 reviews for KN95 Respirator Mask, CE Certified Face Mask

  1. Paris

    Mask is very comfortable and big enough to cover my nose and mouth. I like how the ear strap is not too tight or short unlike other masks that hurt my ears. My company ended up buying 1,000 of them in bulk so we can share these comfortable and certified masks with our employees. I also appreciated your fast delivery that arrived in only 2 days. Thank you!

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    Image #1 from Paris
  2. Key Burroughs

    These KN95 masks fit extremely well compared to some others I have acquired. I ended up going with a box of 100 and shipment was fast. Will order again.

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    Image #1 from Key Burroughs
  3. Stephen Lee

    Ordered 100 masks for me and my family. I was impressed with the quality of the masks compared to other KN95’s I’ve tried. This one keeps it’s form and is very breathable. Its ear strings are also very soft and stretchy which is suitable for bigger guys like myself which is also easily “knottable”, which allows us to create a more snug fit for our little ones. 2 masks a piece come individually packaged in airtight, resealable packages. Shipped quickly. Great price.

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    Image #1 from Stephen Lee
  4. Mel D.

    Fast shipping. Timely updates. Good product!

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