BALLA BALLA Avocado Nourishing Sheet Mask [10 Masks]


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Nourishing with Avocado

Pamper your skin with Avocado extract

  • Highly nutritive avocados will provide extensive moisture and add vitality to your skin.
  • The sheets of Avocado Nourishing Mask are made with 100% raw cotton which is softer on skin while adheres smoothly to the skin to deliver moisture.

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Best for people who:
  • Want to moisturize and nourish their skin.
  • Are concerned with the weakened skin barrier.
  • Just want to give their skin a little relaxation.
Manufacturer Information:
  • 25ml / 0.84 fl oz (Included sheet) X 10ea
  • Manufacturer: Genic, Inc.
  • Functionality Moisturizing, Nourishing
  • Made in Korea