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The Perfect At-Home Facial Routine
Posted on: January 13, 2021
Let’s be honest. How many of you have considered going to a facial although you probably shouldn’t? Well, we will be honest first. We have. We even looked up our local facial spa to see if any place is open and accepting customers. Then, we took it back. It’s not safe for everyone and we might even prolong the time needed for quarantine. So instead, we’ve thought of this amazing At-home Facial Routine that we can do by ourselves in a replacement of facial at a spa.



At-home Facial Routine

The first thing we should all know about this At-home Facial Routine is that we always have to keep 4 steps for our beautiful skin:

  1. Clean your skin
  2. Give it ample hydration
  3. Make sure the moisture is absorbed properly. 
  4. Retain the moisture level

With these four steps in mind, let’s dive right in.



Step 1: Clean your skin

Of course, just like any other skincare routines, Purus Skin’s At-home Facial Routine starts with cleaning your skin. There are a handful of ways that you can clean your skin but let’s start with a good old-fashioned method — wash your face! Turn on the lukewarm water, use a bit of cleanser and wash your face as you would normally do. After you’re done, apply toner. You can use any type of toner but we’d recommend it to be a gentle one. You don’t need any exfoliating for this routine.

So you have cleansed your skin and the toner is well applied to your skin. Then, here comes the important part of step one: Use a wash-off type mask.

Some of you may know what a wash-off mask is, some others might ask what the heck even is it? Well, the name is self-explanatory: it’s a type of mask that you leave on your face for 15 – 20 minutes and wash off after. Some examples could be Black Sugar Mask from SkinFood and Catastrophe Cosmetic from Lush. A wash-off mask is effective for deep-cleansing your pores and providing important nutrients to your skin. Purus Skin also has a wash-off mask that works perfectly for this routine:

Tik Toc Bubble Mask from Konad Iloje

Tik Toc Bubble Mask is a sheet mask that forms bubbles to deep clean and gets rid of build-ups and impurities in your pores. With its main ingredients being charcoal powder, witch hazel extract, and lemon fruit extract, Tik Toc Bubble Mask accomplishes your two main skincare goals: clean and improve skin tone.

For those of you who might not have used a bubble sheet mask before, let us inform you a bit on how to properly use the mask!

  1. Wash your face prior to using the mask (as we mentioned above!)
  2. Rub the surface of the pouch in a circle so that the contents are evenly mixed before opening the mask.
  3. Apply the sheet mask as usual.
  4. Take the mask off after 10-15 minutes. The mask should have lots of bubbles then!
  5. Massage your face with remaining bubbles to ensure the deep cleansing. Then. wash the bubbles off with lukewarm water.


Once you’ve complete these steps, your skin will be more than ready for the next at-home facial step!


Step 2: Give It Ample Hydration

Now that you have cleaned your skin properly, it’s time for us to pamper your skin with hydration! You can choose any types of sheet mask, or even a hydrogel mask, to fill up the moisture that is needed for our skin. I know there are a lot of sheet masks out there in the market and probably some in your hands as well. However, Purus Skin carries some of the best hydrating masks that you can use for this routine! Let us introduce you our best choices.

at home facial routine 2nd

Celderma’s Ultimate Water Wrapping Mask is a sheet mask that is composed of only 4 essential ingredients which are Onsen-Sui (Spa Water), Butylene Glycol, Glycerin, and 1,2-Hexanediol. The mask has completed and passed the skin irritation test – meaning that it won’t bother your skin at all! It also only includes the ingredients with EWG green grade. Moreover, it is fragrance-free and colorant-free. How amazing is that? 

Because this mask is so amazing, you might wonder: “Is there a special way to use this mask? It seems awfully unique.” Well, the answer is no! You can apply this mask just as how you would apply your regular sheet masks. However, in case you are not familiar with using sheet masks or your skills got a little rusty, we will go over the steps again!:

  1. After washing your face, apply the toner of your choice to your skin. (You can totally skip this step!)
  2. Take the sheet mask out from the pouch and put it on your face. Make sure to align the mask over your eyes, nose, and lips, and then smooth the sheet out. Then take some good rest! 🙂
  3. After 20 – 30 minutes, remove the sheet mask from your face. Gently pat on your face to promote absorption of the remaining serum.

Celderma’s Ultimate Water Wrapping Mask will provide you moisturization and a deep soothing effect in only 20-30 minutes. Experience the power of Onsen-Sui; we guarantee that you will have the most pleasant experience ever.

However, we know that some of you want to spice things up and do something more special. We have the perfect solution for you guys too, which is Celderma’s Crystal Skin Mask. You might have heard of this beautiful hydrogel mask because of the actress Song Ji Hyo. (Yes, our queen Ji Hyo from Running Man!) Crystal Skin mask is a hydrogel mask that is made to hydrate and protect your skin while also providing brightening and anti-aging effects. In South Korea, they call it “Pretty Mask (예쁨 마스크)” as it will definitely make your skin, well, pretty.

Well, let’s dive in right now to make your skin “pretty” as a part of our At-Home Facial Routine. Here are the steps to properly apply the Crystal Skin Mask.

  1. After washing your face, apply the toner of your choice. (You can also skip this step!)
  2. Open the pouch to take out the hydrogel masks. The masks are divided into two parts: upper and lower. Remove the protective film from each part of the masks.
  3. Put the mask on your face. It might take some time to get used to putting the hydrogel masks on, but you’ll be a pro once you get the hang of it!
  4. Remove the mask after 20-40 minutes and gently pat it on your face to promote absorption of the remaining serum.

For some of you who are not familiar with the hydrogel mask, we have a blog post that is dedicated to the explanation of what hydrogel masks are. Feel free to visit and read!

Step 3: Make Sure The Moisture Is Absorbed Properly.

Now that we have cleaned our skin with a wash-off type mask and filled in the moisture with sheet masks and hydrogel masks, what we have to do now is to make sure that the moisture we got is absorbed to our skin properly. Here is where the modeling mask comes in. 

Modeling Masks are the type of mask which you mix the components and make the mask yourself. The modeling mask has a thick & jelly-like texture and helps the active ingredients to sink deeply into your skin. Some popular modeling masks examples is Dr+ Jart’s Shake & Shot Rubber Mask

The good news is that, Purus Skin also has a perfect product for this step as well: Konad Iloje Jewel Modeling Mask 

at home facial routine 3rd

Konad Iloje Jewel Modeling Mask contains real jewel powder to promote various benefits to your skin. Not only Jewel Modeling Mask is unique with its real jewel powder, but it also is super convenient compared to other modeling masks as you won’t need any water to mix the mask components. Use the packaging as your bowl and spatula that comes with the mask; you won’t need any other stuff to do this routine besides this mask and its packaging! 

Follow the steps above (remember, you don’t have to do the step 1 of this procedure!) to complete At-home Facial Routine’s 4th step with Konad Iloje Jewel Modeling Mask. After doing so, you should already feel the difference in your skin. It should feel much more relaxed, hydrated, and glowing!

Last Step: Retain The Moisture Level

However, the routine does not end with your skin being moisturized and feeling better. To end the routine, we need to make sure our input doesn’t go away within a few hours. That is right, we have to KEEP the moisture! So, what should we do to retain the moisture level? Well, the answer is simple! Just like how you end your regular skincare routine, use a good cream or moisturizer depends on your preference.

And as you have guessed, we have a recommendation for this step as well!

Dr+ Lim’s Phytox Cream was developed by dermatologist Lim Jae Young who is both a biotechnological scholar and a doctor. Its main ingredient Phytoliser Complex is smaller than the space between dermal tissues (which is not the case for most of the other moisturizers in the market) thus has an ability to deliver the active ingredients deep inside of your skin. On top of the moisturizing effect that Phytox Cream has, it also creates a firm barrier on top of the skin’s superficial layer to prevent the moisture from evaporating.

Apply the Phytox Cream evenly on your face. Don’t forget about your neck as well!

This step concludes the At-home Facial Routine. All there left to do is just admire how GOOD your skin looks! It may not be as satisfying as the real facial session at a skincare spa, but this will do for now. Until we can be in a closed space with someone else without worrying, let us stay home and pamper our skin in a safe way! Stay safe, and stay beautiful 🙂


For those of you who do not like to read the same thing that you read, we are summarizing the whole post for you in this section! Purus Skin’s recommended At-Home Facial Routine follows the four steps below:

  1. Clean your skin with a wash-off type mask
  2. Give your skin ample hydration with a sheet mask or a hydrogel mask
  3. Make sure the moisture is absorbed properly with a modeling mask
  4. Retain the moisture level with a good moisturizer

We hope you all have enjoyed this post and our little at-home facial routine. Let us know if you try the routine and feel free to tell us the result! <3


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