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marine collagen hydrogel mask
Introducing CELDERMA Marine Collagen Hydrogel Mask
Posted on: October 9, 2020

Marine Collagen Hydrogel Mask is developed by CELDERMA and endorsed by famous Korean actress Song Ji Hyo.

It’s infused with enriched marine collagen that prevents premature aging, provides intense hydration, and improves skin texture.

Mask Structure

What special about Marine Collagen Hydrogel Mask is that it is a honeycomb hydrogel mask made of bio-cellulose with a honeycomb mesh in between.

Unlike a regular sheet mask which is usually made of cotton, paper, or bamboo fiber, hydrogel mask has a gel-like texture and is known for its cooling and moisturizing properties. You can read more about hydrogel mask HERE.

Compared to regular sheet masks, hydrogel mask has better adhesion. The Marine Collagen Hydrogel Mask specifically comes with a top mask and a bottom mask in every single package to ensure a better fit when applied onto the face.

The honeycomb mesh prevents rapid evaporation of moisture and nourishing nutrients in the mask. It allows more time for nutrients to fully absorb into the skin.

Lastly, the Marine Collagen Hydrogel Mask is a temperature-sensitive hydrogel mask, meaning that active ingredients melt and absorb into the skin as a response to your skin’s temperature.

How to Use

Place the top mask onto your face first and then the bottom mask. Leave on for about 20 to 40 minutes.

Massage your face with the excess serum to make sure nutrients are fully absorbed.

Ingredient – What is Marine Collagen?

If you have done research on anti-aging skincare products, you probably came across collagen. Collagen has an important role in skin care as it’s an effective treatment for wrinkles and fine lines.

Marine collagen is a type of collagen that is typically derived from fish. It is far more superior to any other collagen type. Marine collagen has a small particle size which makes it more efficient to be absorbed than other types of collagen.

Key benefits of marine collagen include improving hair, skin and nails, slowing down aging, and anti-oxidant.


The Marine Collagen Hydrogel Mask is full of highly concentrated marine collagen which is known to help firm the skin, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and boost the skin-renewing and repairing process. This mask is the most effective for people who have dull and dry skin and those who struggle with fine lines and wrinkles. 


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